Be certain you talk to these people BEFORE you talk to Maris . . .

• Tax advisor.  While we are pretty darn smart about freelance consulting, the IRS frowns on us dispensing tax advice.
• Financial planner.  It takes cash and cojones to be a freelancer.  Get real about what you need to have banked BEFORE you leap into the Tribe.
• Lovers and Others.  Talk with those you love or perhaps simply cover on your insurance policy.  Seriously people, talk with your people about the lifestyle of being a consultant / independent contractor and the drip down to daily life and financial sustainability.
• Skills assessment.  Have you taken a thorough look at your skills?  Do you have broad general and marketable skills in marketing, communications, digital and/or product?  If something’s missing, get it before you take this next step.
Marketing, Communications, Product Management, Creative Services Staffing / Recruiting Experts – Freelance / Consultant + Direct Hire

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