How to Become a Digital Marketing Freelance (badass beginner’s version)

We get asked all the time about how to become a digital marketing/content creator/market research consultant/freelancer. Here’s some great (and granular) advice from Planable. Become a badass digital now and sign up with The Maris Group.

Have you lost a gig to this interview mistake?

Love LifeHacker!  Quick, concise, impactful.  This recent LifeHacker tweet caught my eye.  Couldn’t agree more that fidgeting might cost you the gig.  And the key to not fidgeting?  Be prepared!  At Maris we not only give you the gig requirements (both…

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Dog Day at Maris

My dog, Zipper, came to the office today. A real dog doing real work. Brought here to sniff out new talent. Quality referrals are the heart of our business. You are terrific at what you do. And you recognize terrific talent. Marketing and communications talent…

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The Six Most Important Resume Tips for the Maris Talent Tribe.

Forget the two page resume. The longer the better. At least for Maris. The more robust the resume the more likely you are to show up as a match in a keyword search whether the client is seeking marketing, communications, product management…

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Are you ready? How to tell with one easy question and your immediate response.

People call us all the time and ask about the lifestyle of a freelancer or consultant (better known by the IRS as a 1099 independent contractor), “How long till my first job?” and “When do I get my first paycheck?” Well,…

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