Talent Testimonials

“It is great to have The Maris Group looking out for me – understanding my skills and career goals to place me in a position that will grow and challenge me.  Everyone is helpful, responsive, takes the time to answer all of my questions and provide their thoughts/recommendations.  My current position the Maris Group found for me is the best job I have ever had.  I am very thankful I decided to take 10 minutes to fill out the application – it has opened so many doors for me and my career!”

Casee Erickson
Former Maris Resource and new WhiteWave employee

“By managing business development and billing, Maris Group helps me concentrate on what I do best – marketing.”

Jackie Reed

“When life responsibilities required me to look for a more flexible career alternative, I sought the assistance of The Maris Group. After meeting with Celia and Kathryn to review my qualifications and the requirements of a client who had an immediate need for a qualified marketing professional, I was placed on a four-month assignment. Over four years later, I am still working with this client in a scenario that works incredibly well for all of us – the client, The Maris Group, and me. Contacting Celia and Kathryn was, without a doubt, one of the smartest career moves I have ever made.”

Dee Loomer

“For a marketing contractor, there is no better partnership than with Maris. Celia and Kathryn are wonderful—they take the time to get to know you, your skill set, and what you are looking for in an assignment. They are extremely well connected in the Denver market which has allowed them to match my desires to challenging opportunities. More importantly, as an independent consultant, you don’t always hear about great new opportunities that become available, but with Maris, you know you have a trusted partner keeping an eye out on your behalf.”

Kristin Harding
Digital Consultant

“I have been a resource for Maris for over 13 years. The quality projects I’ve been assigned to have provided me with an opportunity to continually hone my marketing skills. I’ve been able to help market next generation products and services in growing and evolving industries. Equally important to me is that I’ve been able to keep a healthy work/life balance that’s allowed me to have a fulfilling personal and professional life.”

Bobbi Ewelt

“As an independent contractor, I depend on the Maris Group to secure new projects for me so that I can focus on my work instead of searching for clients. I trust the way in which the Maris Group carefully researches clients and diligently matches their needs with my skills. On a personal level, I value my friendship with Kathryn and Celia, who keep my long-term goals in mind while seeking out progressively challenging assignments that enhance my skill set.”

Karen Magner