How to Get the Gig and Forget the Economy, Stupid.


With Colorado’s unemployment rate just dipping below eight percent, the marketplace is flooded with tremendous marketing, coget-more-gigsmmunications, product and digital talent. How do you make it work FOR you instead of against you? Go for bright and shiny and easy to find but realize everyone is attracted to sparkling high profile opportunities (sign up for push e-mails, read the Denver Egotist and visit the career sites for your targeted companies).Take advantage of every opportunity to hone your skill set or connect with potential employers or entrepreneurial partners (Connect on LinkedIn and follow them on Twitter, FB and Instagram). Get a marketing project assignment from your last employer or create a website for your local coffee shop. Volunteer to write content for your favorite non-profit (everyone/everyplace is hungry to share their own valid and authentic story). Post yourself on eLance. Join the Maris Talent Tribe. Go ahead, give us a try, we want to help you Get the Gig.
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