Frequently Asked Questions

We’re delighted that you’re interested in retaining a marketing and communications resource from The Maris Group.  Maris contractors are highly professional, ridiculously smart and available on a moment’s notice to jump in and provide the help you need, when you need it, at very reasonable rates.

Q1.  What are the advantages of sourcing and bringing in a contractor from Maris?

A.  First and foremost – immediate pain relief.
– Maris resources are independent contractors who have an average of 10-14 years of experience in marketing and communications field.  They are highly qualified to jump in and start a project—and add value–on Day 1.
– Maris acts as a third party indemnifier for the company.  Because your company pays Maris, and we then pay the independent contractor, your company is not seen (or mistaken as) the employer of the contractor.  Maris has documentation with every contractor placed on assignment acknowledging their status as a 1099 IRA status, self-employed independent contractor.
– One call to Maris saves you time and energy—and hassle.  Because we’ve been in marketing and communication roles at large and small companies, we understand your pain and with a few words of description to us, we can source the right talent for you and have someone in your office, or taking the project away and working in a few days.

Q2.  How does Maris find their talent?

A.  Maris finds their talent through first-person referrals.  We do not post client requests on job boards or public arenas.  Most people only refer the best of the best to Maris and as a result, our small but impressive talent pool is the best of the best.

Q3.  So, when I call for a contractor, what happens next?

A.  Your request will be handled immediately by either of the two principals in the company.
– We conduct a search of our talent base for an exact fit for the criteria you’ve provided to us in that first call or email.
– After identifying the potential candidates, discussion with them for fit, interest and availability, we narrow the results to three candidates and send their resumes to you for review.  We can also send writing samples or portfolios if applicable.
– After you review the information, you can decide if you would like to meet and interview all or just one of the candidates.  Or you may decide that none of the candidates sent are not quite a fit (hardly ever) and we will ask for refinement of the criteria and continue the search.  In most cases, interviews are held with one or all of the candidates presented, second interviews are set as needed and the decision is made to go forward with one of the candidates.
– Maris then prepares a two page Work Order with Deliverables, Rates, and Terms. The work can begin even before this document is completed and signed as we understand that getting the help you need should not have to wait for signatures.

Q4.  Can I hire the contractor if it’s a good fit and budgets allow?

A.  Maris can provide resources on a contract, contract-to-hire or direct hire basis.  And those statuses may change from day to day.   It’s totally up to the client and the contractor as to whether the status changes. Maris never stands in the way of a contractor and a client getting what they really want—‘Date Before You Marry’ has been our mantra since our beginning in 1999.

Q5.  Is there a fee for bringing in a direct hire through Maris or moving the contractor in place to a full time employment status?

A.  Maris can provide direct hire or contract-to-hire at a very reasonable placement fee at the direct hire point, or we can offer a decreasing scale on the placement fee as the contractor bills hours over time.  In some cases, the placement fee has gone to 0% if the contractor has billed a certain amount of hours.  With most large companies, Maris has a master agreement that outlines those fees.

Q6.  What if I lose the funding for the contractor or the project ends earlier than expected for some reason?  Is there a penalty for ending the project early?

A.  No.  Maris contractors work when you need them and for as long or short as you need them.  There is no penalty for ending the project.  Any early indication that this may happen is always appreciated.

Q7.  My company uses a third party billing vendor for procurement and billing.  Can I still work with Maris?

A.  Yes.  Many of our clients have a vendor in place for procurement and billing and we work with those vendors for the billing side.  Very often a marketing manager will ask us for help in sourcing the talent and then the billing is worked through the third party vendor for tracking and reporting.

Q8.  Do you ever work through HR recruiting departments?

A.  Yes we do!  Often we are able to optimize HR efforts by providing targeted resources with precisely the resource the marketing department is looking for.  When working with Maris, many HR groups have realized they can streamline their search efforts, present qualified candidates quickly and delight their own internal clients—the marketing group.  It’s a win/win!