Is My Resume Too Long? And Other Silly Questions.

resume typewriterA resume too long?  No, never.  Your Maris Group Talent Tribe resume should be as long as you need it to be.  And include absolutely every word that you would use to describe anything you have ever done and are willing to do again for money.  You see, every Maris search starts with the client’s keyword.  And if the keyword isn’t in your resume, you simply won’t show up.  Cover all the relevant marketing, communications, product or digital skills and cover them in every way – such as web marketing, e-commerce and on-line shopping.  We may ask you to edit for relevance once you are being considered as a candidate for an immediate assignment.  But initially – give us the unabridged version.   Do you have a silly question?  Ask us – we would love to use it in our next blog!
Marketing, Communications, Product Management, Creative Services Staffing / Recruiting Experts – Freelance / Consultant + Direct Hire

The Six Most Important Resume Tips for the Maris Talent Tribe.

  • resume typewriterForget the two page resume. The longer the better. At least for Maris. The more robust the resume the more likely you are to show up as a match in a keyword search whether the client is seeking marketing, communications, product management or digital. Your resume submitted to the Maris Talent Tribe should have absolutely everything you have ever done that you are willing to do again for money (save the love for other opportunities). Typically we will ask for a more targeted resume once we are positioning you for a specific placement.
  • Start with your expertise. A bulleted list of  expertise at the top of your resume not only covers more critical key words but lets us (and our clients) know at a glance what you consider to be your killer talents. LinkedIn can help build a resume but do not rely on their app alone.
  • Show results. Another bulleted list of “career high” results and achievements across all your work. Be concise and specific with target and outcome and reveal as much as allowed about the program/project and how you exceeded results.
  • Software expertise is CRITICAL in many placements so by all means go ahead and list WordPress, SalesForce and Eloqua along with Excel and Office and all those silly named interfaces that start with “monkey”. While you’re at it, include professional training, certificates and impressive seminars.
  • List all your industry experience. Yes, all of them – from hi tech to healthcare to telecom and consumer packaged goods. We place talent across all industries.
  • Chronology.  Give us companies, titles and dates to present. Dangling gaps?  Just explain them (like gave birth to triplets or learned to cook in Italy).

Marketing, Communications, Product Management, Creative Services Staffing / Recruiting Experts – Freelance / Consultant + Direct Hire