Take Advantage of the Awkwardness in a Phone Interview. Or How NOT to Fail.

Maris absolutely dislikes telephone interviews for marketing and communications talent.  But sometimes that is the best option for our busy clients.  They may ask for an initial phone or Skype screen and we happily comply.  We encourage checking out each other on LinkedIn.  But don’t attempt to connect until after you find out the results of the call!  Use the knowledge gleaned from LinkedIn to find commonalities and connections that will immediately make the call a bit more personal.  (OMG, I went to Wash U, too!!)  Balance the possible awkwardness of a call with the distinct advantage of being able to refer to the job description and notes about the company throughout the call.  But be engaged and in the moment for this one (don’t go checking e-mail or Instagram during the call).  And never give up on a phone interview.  Always keep the skill set and deliverables in mind and stay on your message that positions you as the best resource.  Phone interviews are much harder to read for both parties so focus on content.
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