The Brainpower Without the Headcount. Catchy Isn’t It?

But what does it mean?  It means you get the marketing and communications skills you need but don’t have.  Or the professional level product management your new widget deserves.  Or today’s in-demand digital brilliance.  BUT you don’t have to OWN anyone or their brain.  You’re just renting a little bit of capacity that you desperately need at a competitive hourly rate.  Kind of like cloud storage – just use what you need and pay for what you use.  No HR search.  No off-target resumes.  No awkward “Well what the heck was my recruiter thinking” interviews.  The right skill set at the right moment in time and for JUST as long as needed.  Grown-ups doing grown-up work and they don’t need babysitting.
Marketing, Communications, Product Management, Creative Services Staffing / Recruiting Experts – Freelance / Consultant + Direct Hire

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